How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

Lots of impacting images and videos dominate social media every day. Most of these images and videos belong to businesses and brands that try to entice their followers. But what about writing captions that improve engagement? Engagement is one of the most valuable things in social media marketing. There is no exact rule on how to write a catchy and engaging caption. However, there are some tips you can consider when creating one.

What defines a good Instagram caption?

A good caption should have the face of the brand or person who owns the profile. It must have context, personality, entertain the audience and promote engagement. Ideally, they should be attractive, easy to read and talk to the target audience. Below we are going to give you some tips on how to write captions on Instagram that will help improve your engagement rate.

1. Know your audience

The first thing to consider in any marketing strategy is "knowing your audience." This might not be a simple task to do as Instagram today is used by people of all genres, ages, and economic backgrounds. What you need to understand is the more you know your audience, the easier it will be to engage them. As it is impossible to know every detail of all the users who follow your profile, it is beneficial to create a persona. Personas are fictional characters that represent different types of people who can make use of your product or service.

2. Put the most relevant information at the beginning of a sentence

As you may have noticed, part of the caption is hidden in the feed after a few lines of text. This is because the purpose of Instagram is, and always has been, to bring out the images. Therefore, to gain the user's attention, ensure the key information is at the very beginning of the text. That way, even if some of the content is hidden, the user will click "see more" to read the rest of your subtitle.

3. Use hashtags sparingly

Instagram posts that have at least one hashtag have more reach than those that have none. When writing caption, always remember to use it when it is relevant to the post and your target audience.

4. Use emojis

Emojis are great when writing captions on Instagram as they catch the user's eye. Also, they help replace the words by summarizing and contextualizing ideas. This makes the text more dynamic.

5. Encourage engagement with a call to action

It's beneficial to encourage action when writing titles on Instagram. You can do this by asking a question, inviting people to leave a comment, tag their friends, or leave an opinion. Always remember that call to action is not enough. The content must be compelling. Otherwise, you may not receive any response, and this will take away the credibility of the profile.

How to come up with new post ideas

a. Invest in storytelling

Telling a story has always been a great strategy for keeping the user engaged in publishing. It is a mistake to think that because Instagram is a visual-focused social network, you can't give your followers a specific context. Just be original and make a story that complements each of your photos.

b. Create polls in stories

One of the best things recently released in stories are polls. They allow you to ask your followers a question, giving only few options to choose from. In addition to being interactive and fun, you can also use polls to answer questions about your business.

c. Increase curiosity

Posts in a "Did You Know?" format works very well because they attract people's attention, not to mention that they add additional knowledge to those who follow you.

d. Know your top business hashtags

Instagram is hashtag-driven, so it is ideal that you search for the top hashtags related to your business. Through them, you'll be able to know which terms to put in your Instagram posts, which topics to address, and what types of posts get the most likes and comments.


There is no magic formula for writing titles on Instagram, but there are some rules you can follow. The tips above are not meant to be followed strictly, but they can help improving engagement of your posts. So get to know your audience, create engaging content and enjoy the rewards.