How to Delete Instagram Search History

The time we are spending on social media seems to be increasing every year. Lately, there have been several complaints regarding privacy and the importance of keeping certain data for yourself.

Websites in general, including social media (such as Instagram and Facebook), record the activity of their users or visitors and might use the data collected for different purposes.

Instagram collects the information concerning what users you're more interested in and which content you seem to like the most so that the platform itself can propose similar content and let you know first about the updates of people you might seem to follow more assiduously.

Your behavior in social media might tell a lot about yourself and you might not want everyone to know who or what you are most frequently searching for.

Clearing your search history comes in handy when you don't want the same suggestions popping on your feed. Even if it doesn't bother you, it might still be a good idea to clear your Instagram search history regularly. Let's have a look at all the steps to successfully delete your search history on Instagram.

How do I clear my search history on Instagram?

The history of your searches on Instagram does not clear automatically. The good news is that the process is very simple and takes very little time. To clear your Instagram search history, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app.
2. Go onto your profile.
3. Click the 3 horizontal lines that appear on the top right-hand-side corner of your profile.
4. Select "Settings" on the pop-up menu.
5. Click "Privacy and Security".
6. Click "Delete Search History".

You might want to refresh and click twice the "Delete Search History" button, to ensure that everything of your past search history will clear away.

These are the easy steps to delete your search history on Instagram. Remember that the steps are the same whether you're accessing Instagram from your smartphone or on the website.

Also mind you that whenever you initiate a new search, it will be saved again. People that you search and follow more on Instagram will always appear at the top of your feed as well as at the top of the list as soon as you enter your "Search" section.

What if I followed all the steps but the search history still appears?

In case you still see your search history even after having followed all the steps to clear it, you might need to restart your device. If that still doesn't delete your search history, try to log out and logging in again.

If you own an Android device you should try clearing your app cache and history from the settings.

Hopefully, you'll find this information useful, whether you're looking to clear your search history or simply improve your social media privacy.