How to Change Instagram Username

Unlike some other social media platforms, with Instagram your username isn't only for logging into your account. It actually shows up with your name on your profile and also appears with your activity (posts, stories, comments, etc.). It can be easily changed, so if you don't like the original username you chose, that's no problem.

Username or your actual name?

It's important to understand the difference between your Instagram username and your actual name. Your username identifies your account and it's what you log in with, but it's also what appears to identify you on your posts, stories, and comments. Your actual name doesn't appear there. To see that, people just have to click on your username which will take them to your profile, and your real name will be displayed right below the username. Your username is also what other people use to tag you in posts and comments. Essentially, your real name only shows on your profile. If you want to change your username, it's important to know the difference and where it will show up.

How do I change my username?

Instagram makes this pretty simple. You can do it in the app on your smartphone or just open Instagram in a web browser on your computer. Either way, the process is basically the same; it will just look slightly different. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Instagram, either using the app or on your web browser.
2. Go to your profile.
3. Click on the button that says "Edit Profile".
4. Type in your new username.
5. Tap save, which is usually the mark in the top right corner.

That's it!

How to choose a username?

Your Instagram username is important because, as mentioned earlier, it's what other users see when they view your activity. For this reason, you may want to choose a username that is identifiable with you by your Instagram following. Some people don't worry about this though, and just choose something fun and creative. Nicknames are commonly used as Instagram usernames, because they're often funny and also identifiable with the person by friends who call them by the name. You can also choose a username that tells something about yourself, such as something that interests you.

If your Instagram is for a business, choosing a username is more important and more than preference. You want something that matches up with your company name, brand, or image. If possible, you may just want to make your username the exact name of the business. You could also go with something more creative, trendy, or catchy that will capture your message or image you want to display to followers.

For a business Instagram, you should also take seriously your profile image, buy Instagram followers and think about how to you use the bio text on your profile. You want an image that looks professional, but ideally also eye-catching. Make use of the bio text to communicate a concise message that will attract users to your profile. Remember, Instagram won't do your business any good unless you get the followers, and having an attractive profile is an essential part of this. People will decide in seconds whether or not to give you a follow, so appearance and the message you communicate is really important.

Whether your Instagram is for personal use or a business, this is your guide to the username. Hope it helps!