Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is the photo-mosaic social media app with over 700 million active users around the world, ranging from top-tech CEOs capturing snapshots of their latest world-dominating business ventures to the college community lifestyle of wild beer-pong championships and classic toga parties - Instagram is for everyone.

Founded in 2010, and bought by Facebook in 2012 for a whopping 1 billion dollars, it's done nothing but grow, and grow, and grow; it's estimated that there are 4.2 billion likes a day and that over 40 billion photos have been uploaded and shared on it during its lifespan.

Why is this all important you ask?

Well, from these statistics alone it's clear that Instagram is the social networking site to be apart of, especially if you're looking to keep up with the latest trends or are a business looking to grow its profits and impact via an unquestionable global reach.

How is this done?

Through followers of course! It's not exactly rocket science. The more followers you have = the more business and consumer engagement.

More engagement = higher revenue.

And higher revenue = a happy, happy you.

Now, gaining followers on Instagram doesn't have to be a scary, gut-wrenching experience for you or your business. And there are tons of people out there that say you should opt to grow your engagement organically by letting people stumble onto your account - which is to say, cross your fingers and hope for the best. But here, we prefer the idea of you taking your business into your own hands and sparking that engagement the right way which will see your account blossom, reaching maximum consumer engagement.

And what way is that?

Buying Instagram followers! Now, I know what you're thinking, what good is buying Instagram followers when you want followers that will engage with your business and hopefully, buy your products or utilize your services.

Well, just stick with us for a moment, and we'll explain below the 9 best reasons for buying Instagram followers:

Increase visibility

Having more followers, be that organic or bought, makes your business look higher in demand. And the more in demand you look, the more people will want to follow and engage with your business brand. A business's followers serve as lighthouses if you will, and the more followers you have, the more lighthouses you have, making your account shine brighter than the rest.

Higher web traffic

This idea of increasing your visibility leads straight into higher amounts of web traffic. Which, if you imagine Instagram like a high street, you want the flow of foot traffic stumbling into your business, not the others - and this is improved by the more Instagram followers you have.


Hiring a social media manager to grow your followers organically will drastically eat away at your business' budget, after all, you'll be paying somebody a salary. However, if you buy your Instagram followers, you won't need to do this. And you can buy Instagram followers by the hundreds to the thousands for anything from 10 dollars to 100 dollars - that's nothing compared to paying somebody a fulltime salary!

Money, money, money

We've spoken a lot about increasing visibility and web traffic, well, by doing that, you'll be increasing your business' revenue; the higher visibility and web traffic, the higher chance a business has of making actual sales - it's a win, win situation.


After all, Instagram is a social media site, so it's important to remember that the whole point in using the app is to increase your business' social standing and awareness. By buying Instagram followers that boost web traffic, a business increases its social presence on the web, making a business look like a brand that consumers should keep an eye on.

The art of marketing

Gone are the days where the only way for a business to market themselves are through pricey TV adverts or radio. Living in the post-internet age, businesses can now freely market themselves with no real costs in an instant. And the more Instagram followers a business has, the bigger impact their social media marketing will have.

Trust & loyalty

This is one of those two birds for one stone' moment's; by building your business' brand with Instagram followers, you will be growing the idea of brand trust and loyalty among your consumers, which will help propel your business forward.


Flowing in from our last point, by building up your business' brand trust and loyalty, you will also be building up your business' credibility, and it's no myth that consumers look to credible businesses to engage and buy from. You can simply buy instant Instagram followers and go from there.

New achievement unlocked: Influencer

The term Instagram Influencer' is one that is thrown around the internet often, and with good reason. Becoming an Instagram influencer gives businesses or people a step up in the market world, allowing them to help sway consumers' opinions on what products they should invest in. This is an incredibly important accomplishment for a business to gain - an accomplishment that can be helped along by buying Instagram followers. To be an Instagram Influencer, a business doesn't need to have millions of followers, it's been reported that accounts can gain the influencer status by having between 5000 - 10,000 followers...and that's not really that much when you think about it.

Final words

Thank you for taking the time to read our advice, and we hope that after reading our article, you will consider taking the leap and investing in your business' success and future by seeing the value in purchasing Instagram followers.